Media & Influencer Relations

Traditional media
We’re experienced in delivering coordinated media relations programs tailored to the specific requirements in local and regional markets in India. We do not believe in having a dedicated media relations team and instead chose to have all our consultants trained and experienced in building long lasting relationships with journalists across India.
We provide dynamic opportunities to dynamic people. Explore the opportunities currently available at Vox PR's offices in India.

We provide services ranging from management of a client's entire analyst relations program to daily support for their internal analyst relations teams. We also consult and train on best practices in industry analyst relations.

Social media
We believe in helping clients embrace new communication channels because the right communication strategy can build bridges with key online influencers and between communities with common interests in ways that traditional public relations cannot.

VOX PR’s social media services include:

1. Social media workshops strategies
2. Blog and online conversation monitoring and measurement
3. Social media strategy development and engagement
4. Crisis counsel
5. Blog policy counsel

To learn more about our approach to social media, including social networks, blogging and virtual worlds, we encourage you to visit our social media feeds and participate in the conversation.

Industry Associations
As part of our outreach for our clients, we’re regularly needed to work with industry associations to help our clients build brand awareness and corporate reputation. We’re well-versed in working with several leading industry associations in the country including NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies), CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) and ISA (India Semiconductor Association) among others.

Corporate Communications

Reputation Management
VOX PR’s team of seasoned PR professionals from versatile and multidisciplinary backgrounds can provide you counsel in the area of reputation management. Our team has helped build brands from ground up as well as craft and manage distinct corporate identity focused PR programs.

Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR initiatives can certainly enhance a company’s reputation, but they can also be perceived as window-dressing or even a distraction from fundamental business goals if not carefully planned, implemented and communicated. VOX PR’s CSR communications package takes a thoughtful and sensitive approach to enhancing a company’s reputation. Our starting point is always to develop an appropriate and responsible communications strategy, ensuring that a company’s CSR initiatives are integrated and in-sync with all other company communication, but also deeply connected with the goals of the business.

Crisis & Issues Management
Crisis situations in today’s internet economy emerge in minutes, not months. As a result, VOX PR’s teams are highly trained and experienced both in developing pre-emptive crisis management plans and in managing PR efforts during difficult times.

The VOX PR approach to crisis communications is built on six basic principles:
1. Be prepared
2. Get the right people involved immediately
3. Never hide
4. Consider how each message sent during a crisis impacts every stakeholder audience
5. Take appropriate responsibility, be sincere and tell as much of the story as you can
6. Don’t spin and don’t minimize

While the expectation of managing a crisis is a worst-case scenario, we advise our clients to have crisis plans in place at all times, reviewing and updating the plans on a regular basis to reflect changes in the corporate environment. The aim of any crisis PR plan is to enable executives and communications professionals to deal in an organized and calm fashion with unexpected emergency situations that are likely to result in inquiries from the news media.
Our crisis communications experts are prepared to handle and counsel you through any situation you may face.

Employee Communications
We help companies design their employee communications strategy, by working closely with HR and internal communication teams to facilitate communication systems and practices that contribute to the organization’s performance. Our expertise is built around stakeholder focused communication for mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, employee retention and recruitment.

Marketing Communication Support
We can help build an authentic, credible brand. We can support your marketing communication function through copywriting, sales collateral, case study programs and advertorials.

We measure PR ROI and map all campaigns to the client’s business goals. We can comparatively measure the Input (response time, briefs, strategic counsel, campaign management) with Output (quality and quantity of coverage, speaker opportunities, influencer meetings, social media penetration) and the final Outcome which includes change in audience awareness, understanding, reputation and relationships.

Executive communication and engagement programs
Our focused offerings include speaker bureaus, media training, speech writing and presentation training workshops for your senior executives to deliver company and product messaging in the most compelling and impactful way possible.
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That distinguishes, authenticates and resonates your messages, while engaging with the right audience